2525 vuilafscheider

Dirt Separator 2525

A dirt separator protects your calibration instrument from moisture and/or dirt. The model 2525 dirt separator is suitable for pressures up to 400 bar. This dirt separator is placed between the calibrator and the instrument to be calibrated. The dirt separator captures moist and solid particles that often contain chemical elements. This keeps your valuable calibration equipment clean and dry.

Technische specificaties

Low cost
Maximum pressure 400 bar
High reliability
Easy to clean and disassemble
Easy to install


A dirt separator is placed between the instrument to be measured and a pressure calibrator. The Model 2525 is easy to install and easy to disassemble and clean after use. The dirt separator is an essential component that, combined with its low cost, provides good protection for your costly calibration instruments and prevents unnecessary failures.

PACE 6000 in testbank

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