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What does the BN4200 pressure gauge do?

Do you want to protect your pressure device when the pressure drops above or below the approved limit values? Adding an inductive switch contact to your pressure gauge, creates a pressure switch. When pressure reaches a certain value a switch is opened or closed. BN4200 pressure gauges from Labom separate themselves from other pressure switches. This type of pressure switch is also certified as safety component according to the PED. This instrument fall under the PED 1G category IV and has an EC type approval from TüV.

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Pressure gauges are applied almost everywhere where pressure needs to be measured. By a lot of applications, the pressure also needs to be guarded. If the pressure becomes too high or too low, a valve must open, or an alarm must be activated. That is what pressure switches are being used for. This type of pressure switch is often applied in environments where safety is the first priority. Because of its heavy quality, the instrument is suited for intensive use in heavy industry and maritime transport. Because of the SIL2 certifications and type approval according to PED, this switch is ideal for applications in pressure safety systems.

Technical specifications

  • Covered by PED 1G category IV
  • Range of -1…0 bar to -1…24 bar, 0…1 to 0…400 bar
  • High quality case with bayonet ring NS 100/160 per ENG 837-1 S1, alternative safety design per ENG 837-1 S3
  • Case and measurement element made from stainless-steel
  • Accuracy class DIN 16085

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