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How does a bimetal thermometer work?

Would you like to measure temperatures mechanically with no use of electricity? In a bimetal thermometer, two metals with different expansion coefficients are connected. If the temperature changes, one metal will expand more than the other and the connection will change shape.

Through a connected dial temperature readings can be accurately displayed. Also other switches can be used for example, for protection against high or low temperatures. In an environment where there are a lot of vibrations or pressure pulsations, the thermometer’s housing can be filled with glycerine.



Bimetal thermometers by nature are very robust and reliable. And because it is a mechanical instrument, it will continue to operate without the availability of power supply. That makes this instrument particularly suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. Think of off-shore platforms, ships and in the petrochemical industry. Specifically for the biotech industry there is a version of thermometer available that, depending on the right thermowell, is suitable to be used in hygienic systems.

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Technical specifications

  • Switch contacts: Slow acting, magnetic snap, inductive
  • ATEX
  • Accuracy class 1 axis per EN 13190
  • Do you want a customized design? This is also possible for small numbers.

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