What does this switch do?

Do you want to monitor pressure? This is possible with a pressure gauge with switch. Industrial pressure gauge from Labom are robust and have a high level of quality. Adding a switch contact to a pressure gauge creates a pressure switch. When the pressure reaches a certain value, a circuit is broken or made. There are various types of switch contacts, such as slow acting, magnetic or inductive. You are free to choose which type of switch contacts work best for you. This pressure switch is part of the Industrial product range from Labom.



Pressure gauges are used almost everywhere where pressure needs to be measured. In a lot of applications, the pressure also needs to be guarded. When the pressure becomes too high or too low, a valve needs to open, or an alarm needs to be activated. For this, a pressure switch is used.

The switch BE 4200 is often applied in maritime transport and the (petrol)chemistry. There are also Bourdon tube gauges with switch contact that are equipped with hygienic process connections for the food & beverage or biotech. Because of the SIL2 certification, the switch can be used in safety systems that must have a high level of

Technical specifications

  • ATEX SIL2 EN 837-1 S3 DIN16085
  • Range from -1…1600 bar
  • High overload protection

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