What does the 8810 high-pressure regulator do?

Do you want to safely reduce the pressure in your system to the level you want? With the 8810 reducers from Tradinco you can set pressure with ranges from 0 to 350 bar in a simple and safe way. This controller is specifically designed for test applications and calibration. This reducer is very suitable for use in a closed (Dead End) system. The venting option of the reducer can perfectly control downward pressure.



The Tradinco 8810 high pressure regulator is used in instruments, so that calibration and test pressures with small volumes can be regulated in a stable way. The design and the materials used ensure that this controller is easy and light to operate. This ensures, among other
things, that excellent accuracy is achieved for various pressure settings. This is an indispensable part in any calibration setup where gas pressures greater than 10 bar must be set.

Technical specifications

  • Available in ranges 0-16 bar and 0-350 bar
  • Exceptionally light operation
  • Accuracy set
  • 1/8 NPT connections for inlet, outlet and manometers.

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