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What does the 1210 series pressure sensor do?

Do you have a PCB or measuring instrument that you want to fit with a pressure sensor? Our 1210 series are piezoresistive board level sensors of TE connectivity. This sensor is available in various versions allowing to measure the absolute pressure, differential pressure and gauge pressure. Furthermore you can specify if, and what type of tubes are to be assembled to the board. The 1210 sensor is suitable for measuring pressures ranging from 0..2 PSI to 0..100 PSI. The temperature is compensated over a range from 0 to 50 °C.

Drone | 1210 Series Pressure Sensors | Tradinco Instruments


This pressure sensor is commonly used on prints in measure- and analysis equipment. For example in applications where a small flow is measured based on differential pressure, a handheld calibration instrument and medical instruments. Furthermore, this type of sensor is used to accurately measure air speed on drones.

Technical specifications

• PCB board level sensor
• 0-100 mV Output
• Range: 0..2 to 0..100 PSI
• Gage, Absolute, differential pressure
• Temperature compensated (0.. 50 °C)

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