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You like working with a specialist that can guarantee quality. Good products with the right specifications ensure safety, efficiency and profitability within business processes. That is
why customers working in (petrol)chemical, food and pharma industries like working with Tradinco Instruments. We offer these customers customized solutions from calibration,
service to instruments. That is how we help solve small and big problems every day.

traqc family

Right solution for different quantities

To be able to offer customized solutions, we continuously help develop our own people and products (e.g. Traqc). Furthermore, we work with renowned companies, such as Labom, TE and DRUCK. In this way, we can guarantee that we offer the most suitable advice for your specific situation. We offer solutions in diverse quantities, such as products for the quantities pressure, electrical, position, temperature and vibration.

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Within the quantities of pressure and electric current, we have developed our own products, namely the Traqc products. We find it most important to offer you the best solution for your situation. Therefore in some cases we will offer also solutions of our partners which we work closely with.  Furthermore, we do have the possibility to develop customized solutions. For example, our test benches are never standardized and are always customized, combining measurement instruments of different quantities.

Complete solutions
In addition to delivering products, we think along about the best connection or suitable accessories, for example by using a special hygienic connection. We deliver complete solutions by offering the best products and the best services. Hence why we developed the software program AutoCal for execution of calibrations.

Calibration needed?

Would you like to calibrate your equipment? Or are you looking for the right instruments to calibrate your products? Then you are at the right address. We can give you personalized advice to find the right solution for you.

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Interested in more information?

Do you want more information about our products or do you have a measurement or calibration question that you would like to talk to someone about? Then do not hesitate to contact us.