The Traqc-2 PCHP is now available

28 September 2021
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The Traqc-2 is an indicator and reference instrument for testing and calibrating pressure instruments. This series has now been expanded with a version with hand pump and volume regulator.


With the Traqc-2 you can measure and control pressure with an accuracy of 0.15%. Pressure units can be set to PSI, bar or kPa. You can perform a calibration by directly measuring the pressure of a connected external circuit or by providing pressure to an external circuit using the Traqc-2. The Traqc-2 is one of the few portable pressure calibrators with an integrated pressure control option. The Traqc-2 can be used anywhere, even in locations that are hard to reach.

The Traqc-2 is equipped with a pneumatic switch to isolate the test connection from the pressure supply. This is especially useful when performing a leak test. The Traqc-2 comes in a robust leather carrying case to protect the instrument and by using the hinge you can keep your hands free while working. If you want we will ship the instrument with a (RvA) accredited ISO 17025 traceable calibration certificate.

Traqc-2 PCHP with hand pump and volume regulator

The main difference between the Traqc-2 PC and PCHP is the way pressure is generated and controlled. With the Traqc-2 PCHP pressures up to 3 bar are generated using a build-in hand pump. Finetuning of the test pressure can be done using the volume regulator. In this way you can easily perform pressure tests and calibrations, even on locations where no external pressure supply is available.

Traqc-2 PCHP

The specifications of the Traqc-2 PCHP:
✓ Hand pump up to 3 bar(g)
✓ 0.15% FS accuracy
✓ Precision pressure regulator
✓ Exact and reliable measurement
✓ Leakage tests
✓ Simple and clear readout
✓ Easy to use
✓ Operates on Li-ion batteries
✓ Robust leather carrying case

Traqc-2 PC to connect to an external pressure supply

The existing Traqc-2 PC can be connected to an external pressure supply up to max 10 bar. Often compressed air or instrument air is used for this. Test pressures up to max 10 bar can be controlled using a fine adjustable pressure reducer. Controlling the test pressure with this pressure reducer is fast and accurate.

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Traqc-2 met handpomp en volumeregelaar

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