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28 July 2022

Metis is competing for the TechAward of the Word of Automation during the WoTS 2022. In the run-up to the World of Technology & Science 2022, you can vote for the latest, innovative products and/or technologies. Help Tradinco to win the TechAward and vote for Metis! You can vote for your favorite innovation until August 31, 2022!

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The modular platform Metis

Metis is an innovative modular platform for both electrical and pressure calibrations, which is integrated into a test bench. Various accurate measurement and calibration modules can be added to the main module according to the need of the users. The main module automatically detects the modules that are coupled loosely or permanently, without having to go through complicated configuration steps. This makes Metis easy to adapt and combines ease of use, versatility and flexibility. This provides a better way to perform calibrations in a workshop or laboratory.

Metis consists of a central control module to which several measurement and control modules can be connected. The 10” touch screen with multilingual user interface makes operating the modules quick and easy. Metis also communicates with the calibration software AutoCal+ so that calibrations can be performed professionally and efficiently. The modules are automatically detected by the ‘plug & play’ functionality, so that you can start calibrating in no time.

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Click on this link to vote for Metis! (World of Automation)

Metis | Het modulaire platform

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