Do you have a DPI 610 or DPI 615 series pressure calibrator?

14 October 2020

DRUCK continuously improves its instruments. This also means that for older instruments, in time repair is no longer possible. As of January 1st 2021 this applies for the ‘standard’ versions of the DPI 610 and DPI 615 series. Do you have an ATEX (Intrinsically Safe) (yellow device) version? Then it remains possible to have it calibrated and repaired after January 1st 2021 at Tradinco.

Do you want to calibrate your standard DPI 610 or DPI 615? That remains possible in our calibration lab after January 1st 2021.

The successors of these instruments have also been on the market for some time now. These are the DPI 611 and DPI 612 pressure calibrators. With these new models, it is easier to generate the desired pressure. The instruments have a higher accuracy and have a simplified operation of the touch screen. They are specially designed for use in the oil and gas, power generation and process industry.

Do you have an older instrument and would you like to replace it? Contact us at or call (+31) (0) 79 203 31 30.

DPI 610 en DPI 615

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