PV624 | The portable hybrid pressure regulator



1 August 2023

The latest portable hybrid pressure regulator from Druck

The Druck PV624 is a hybrid pressure regulator base station that combines the advantages of manual pressure generation with fully automatic pressure generation and control to counteract the effect of pressure fluctuations or small leaks. With this rugged pressure regulator, pressure set points can be easily and quickly adjusted and kept stable. The instrument also supports large test volumes and has a long battery life. This new base station is part of the Genii Advance modular calibration system, which allows you to create a multifunctional portable pressure calibrator. Combine the PV624 with any DPI620G calibrator and a PM620 pressure module for a complete solution.

PV624 & ease of use

The PV624 offers a quick-connect pressure connection, where hand-tightened connections achieve pressure-tight connections up to 20 bar. Druck's PV624 comes with a G1/8 female and 1/8 NPT female adapter (other adapters are also available), an AC adapter, and a rechargeable battery that can be charged in the unit or easily replaced on site with a charged extra battery (extra battery and external charger are available as accessories).
'With a rugged design and quick-connect pressure connection, the PV624 from Druck is particularly suitable for performing accurate pressure tests and calibrations in the field!' - Jaap Epema, Product Specialist at Tradinco Instruments
PV624 van Druck

Features of the PV624

The PV624 uses a hybrid approach to pressure control, taking advantage of the benefits of both manual and automatic control technology
  • Fully automated and highly stable (50 ppm/0.005%) pressure control as it approaches the set value... no manual adjustments required for leaks or adiabatic influences;
  • Superior "time to set value"(for both small and large volumes) compared to fully manual or fully electric portable calibrators on the market (up to 3 times faster);
  • For larger volumes, the PV624 offers significant time savings. Electric pumps are known to be very slow and consume a lot of energy. The PV624 solves this problem by manually pumping to near the set value before the automatic controller takes over;
  • Maximum flexibility with interchangeable pressure modules (PM620/PM620T) from 700 mbar to 20 bar (including pseudo-measurements), allowing you to optimize accuracy and control stability for the intended pressure range;
  • Excellent battery life (at least 8 hours of continuous use) and mechanical robustness compared to similar electric calibrators. Charging station and spare batteries are available for on-site replacement if needed;
  • Available alongside the well-known DPI620G with a new and improved user interface with an intuitive calibration wizard to significantly improve product efficiency
Find out more about the PV624 from Druck on our product page. Here you will find detailed information about the features, specifications and benefits of the PV624. In addition, you can also visit the product page to request a product demo

Click here to go to the PV624 page.

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