Temperature Calibrator, Tradinco Traqc-3 LL

The TRAQC-3 LL dry block calibrator is a high precision Laboratory temperature calibrator ranging from ambient -30°C up to 150°C. This instrument is equipped with a special patented Heat / Cooling section which creates a superb axial homogeneity.This ensures an accurate and stable Temperature calibration. Up to two inserts, insert puller and insulating tube can be stored inside the housing of the TRAQC-3 LL calibrator. Full automatic temperature calibration is possible in conjunction with our Autocal® calibration software. This combination saves time and reduces the uncertainty level significantly.

  • Rugged
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • High benefit-cost ratio
  • Superb axial Homogeneity
  • High stability
  • Software
  • Modern design
  • RvA accredited calibration certificate
  • AutoCal® calibration management software
  • Cleaning set (brass wire brush and brass tube wire brush)
  • Insert; 1, 2, 3 or 4 bore(s) or undrilled. Sizes upon request
  • A rugged carrying case which offers maximum protection during transport. This case is watertight and is secured by two safety latches. It stores the TRAQC-3 LL, up to 3 inserts, insert grabber, mains power cord, cleaning set, manual and calibration certificate