Temperature Calibrator, Tradinco Traqc-3 FM

Are you looking for a precision field dry-block temperature calibrator? The Traqc-3 is extremely suitable for use in field applications. This light weight instrument is easy to use and has a rapid heating- and cooling time. Various fixed block option designs are possible, depending on your specific requirements, and full automatic calibration is possible in conjunction with our Tradinco AutoCal calibration software.

  • Range: Ambient +5°C to 375°C
  • Resolution: 0.1 °C/°F
  • Accuracy: Over full range better than +/- 0.4°C, typ. +/- 0.2°C
  • Stability: +/- 0.05°C
  • Heating time: Ambient to 300 °C in 5.75 minutes
  • Cooling time: 300°C to 60°C in 14 minutes
  • Stabilization: 5 minutes
  • Weight: 1740 grams
  • Dimensions: 149 x 159 x 74 mm
  • Various inserts
  • Carrying case
  • RvA accredited calibration certificate