Automatic Calibrator, Traqc-20 C21

The Tradinco Traqc-20 C21 Automatic Pressure Calibrator brings together the latest control and measurement technology to offer an elegant and economical solution to pressure control for production, test and calibration. It employs full digital control to provide high control stability and high slew rate, while its digitally characterized pressure sensor offers the quality, stability, higher bandwidth and precision associated with this latest generation of piezo-resistive devices.

  • Selection of Chassis and interchangeable control modules
  • High speed pressure control
  • Up to 210 bar (3000 psi/21 MPa) gauge & absolute
  • Choice of precision up to 0.005% R +0.005% FS
  • Control stability up to 0.001% FS
  • Long-term stability up to 0.01% R per annum
  • Barometric reference
  • Switch Test
  • Leak Test
  • Test Program
  • Burst Test
  • Analogue output
  • Volt Free Contact
  • Accredited (RvA) calibration certificate
  • Calibration Management Software AutoCal