Pressure Indicator, Tradinco Traqc-9 Series

The Traqc-9 P is the best solution for each pressure calibration job with an accuracy of 0.02%. The option for a second pressure sensor offers you the flexibility to accurate measure a wide range of pressures with the same instrument. You can choose the most suitable range for general calibration tasks, or a wider range specifically for critical measurements. The option for a PCB mounted barometric reference sensor increases this flexibility even more. The Traqc-9 allows you to power your transmitters and measure the common mA or V output signals precisely.

  • Accuracy: ± 0.02% F.S. (±0.04% F.S. for ranges ≤400mbar and ≥400 bar.
  • Sensor range: Several ranges in gauge or absolute pressure. See datasheet for all possible ranges.
  • Connections: Pressure: ¼” NPT female Electric: 4mm
  • Power: 100-240 VAC, 1 phase 50/60Hz
  • Housing: Euro cassette
  • Display: LCD, 70 x 70mm, 128 x 128 pixels with backlight
  • PCB Mounted barometric reference sensor
  • RS232 in RS232 interface and cable (2m)
  • Ethernet interface and cable (2m)
  • Low pressure connection set max. 10 barg
  • High pressure connection set 10 – 400 barg
  • Set of electrical test leads.
  • Accredited calibration certificate for pressure and electrical signals, traceable to international standards.
  • AutoCal calibration management software.