Portable Temperature Calibrator, CEP3000

The CEP3000 is an ideal device to handle all of your temperature calibration needs in a truly rugged, low-cost package. It combines virtually all widely used thermocouples and RTDs in one device.

  • High accuracy up to ± 0.4 °C for Thermocouple Type 3 and ± 0.3 °C for 4W Pt100 (385) RTD (all errors incl.)
  • Measures and simulates Thermocouples (11) and RTDs (10) plus YSI 400 thermistor
  • RTD simulation works with all pulsed (smart) transmitters
  • Store up to 9 set points for each output function
  • Shock protected case, rugged design
  • Rechargeable battery kit, incl. 4 NiMH batteries, quick charger, power cord, adapters
  • Battery set, 4 NiMH batteries
  • AC main adapter/charger
  • Thermocouple wire kit J,K,T.E with mini plugs
  • Thermocouple wire kit R/S, N,B with mini plugs
  • Test leads, 1 set (red/black)
  • Accredited (RvA) calibration certificate