Loop Calibrator, UPS-II

The UPS-II is a smart loop calibrator. Suitable to carry in a shirt pocket. It is an essential tool for loop testing, instrument maintenance and valve set-up.

  • Accuracy: 0.05% of range
  • Output and input range 0 to 21 mA
  • Sources and reads milliamps
  • 24 Volt internal loop-power supply
  • Powers and reads two-wire transmitters
  • Reads and simulates dp-transmitters
  • Fixed calibration currents
  • Auto-stepping for hands free calibration
  • Suto-ramp cycling for endurance tests
  • Fixed currents for valve stroking
  • Batteries: 4x 1.5V AA
  • Optional line adaptor:
    • 110V/60Hz part number 13602
    • 230V/50Hz available as part number 13600
  • Accredited (RvA) calibration certificate