Infrared Hand Held Thermometer, CTR1000

This Infrared hand held thermometer enables temperature measurement from a distance, without contact with the object being measured. They are particularly suited to those applications where thermocouples and resistance thermometers cannot be used. In particular, their simple operation makes infrared handheld thermometers the safest measuring equipment for measuring hot, difficult-to-reach or mobile objects, and thus avoiding damage or contamination. Infrared hand-held thermometers are appreciated by experienced users in a wide range of industrial sectors, from the service and maintenance of machinery and plant to foodstuff monitoring, as they rapidly, safely and precisely measure surface temperatures.

  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Temperature ranges from -60 °C to +1000 °C
  • Dual-target laser
  • Input for thermocouple
  • Simple operation
  • LCD Display
  • Display Hold, 20 s
  • Max/Min function
  • Average function
  • Temperature difference
  • Visible and audible High/Low Alarm
  • Connection socket for thermocouple sensor
  • Laser-Class II
  • Threaded tripod connector