High Pressure Calibrator, Tradinco Traqc-8 Series

The digital pneumatic portable calibrator Traqc-8 is designed for the supply and measurement of high pneumatic pressures. The Traqc-8 can be used for calibrating and testing high pressure transmitters, pressure switches, safety valves, etc. The built-in high pressure gas bottle and battery make it possible to use this test unit at all locations, independent of any external pressure source or mains supply.

  • Accuracy: ± 0.02% F.S.
  • Operating temperature: between 5 and 45°C.
  • 3 Analogue 63mm monitor gauges
  • 2 liter Integrated Gas capacity for maximum working pressure of 200 bar
  • Sensor Ranges from 0-16 bar to 0-250 barg (others on request)
  • Fine control valves with soft seat and tight shut-off.
  • Overpressure protection: Pressure limiting valve
  • Second Pressure Range
  • PCB Mounted barometric reference sensor
  • RS232 interface and cable (2m)
  • Ethernet interface and cable (2m)
  • High pressure connection set 10 – 400 barg
  • Accredited (RvA) calibration certificate for pressure range and electrical signals
  • Traceable to international standards
  • Switch test (powerless or with adapter powered, up to 230VAC switches)
  • Loop calibration functionality
  • Memory
  • AutoCal® calibration management software
  • Data storage