Handpump, Traqc-5 P40-60 (-0.95 to 60 bar)

This Traqc-5 P40 pneumatic hand pump finds wide acceptance for testing, adjusting and calibrating pressure sensor & gauge, pressure switches, safety valves and various pressure device applications. With this handpump you can accurately generate vacuum and pressure for each point between -0.95 bar and 60 bar. This pump being compact and rugged is ideal for field use.  Simple design and construction ensures long service life. Together with a case, hoses, adaptors, and a Traqc-1 DPG manometer, this is an effective aid to perform the necessary test and calibration tasks quickly.

  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible and reliable calibration set
  • Dual source of pneumatic pressure and vacuum
  • Pneumatic pressure upto 60 bar
  • Generates vacuum to 0.95bar
  • Fine pressure adjustment
  • Needle valve for controlled pressure release
  • Complete kit including case, hose and adapters.
  • Specific adaptors
  • Traqc-1 Digital manometer