Handpump, Tradinco 8125 (-0.75 to 0 bar)

This vacuum pump can generation can generate vacuum pressures down to approx. – 0,75 bar. The handpump’s plastic casing is designed to assure a maximum grip capability and the material prevents heat transfer by e.g. hand warmth. The hand pump is compact, lightweight and rugged, making it ideal for field use. The simple design and quality construction ensure a long service life.

The pump is an ideal tool to precise generation of vacuum pressures in the field for calibration of sensors

  • For pressure down to – 0,75 bar
  • Very fine pressure adjustment
  • Fine metering valve
  • Heat insulating
  • Compact
  • Light weight
  • Rugged
  • Engraving of of Company name and/or logos in the pump body
  • Connection kit
  • Hose coupling 4 mm ID – 1/8”NPT male (standard in scope of supply)
  • Hose 1/4” OD – 0.5 metre (standard in scope of supply)