Electrical Calibrator, Tradinco Traqc-9 MAVS

The Traqc-9 MAVS is the best solution for each calibration and measure the common mA or V output signals precisely. In addition to this, this instrument offers you the required functionality for loop testing and transmitter simulation. An intelligent switch test function completes it all. You only need to connect the Traqc-9 MAVS once and you’re ready to calibrate your transmitter and loop in a fast and easy way.

  • Signal Measurement and generation
  • Loop calibration.
  • High accuracy, ± 0.025%.
  • Built in loop calibrator
  • Set of electrical testleads
  • RS232 / ethernet communication
  • Switch test functions for high voltage (230V).
  • Accredited (RvA) calibration certificate
  • Calibration Management Software AutoCal