8335, Oil/Gas Separator

The Oil/Gas Separator Model 8335 is used for oil-free testing and calibration of pneumatic instruments when using a hydraulic pressure source, such as a hydraulic Deadweigth Tester. Tis separator has no diaphragm between the two media and therefore does not affect the accuracy of measurement. The level of separation can be checked through the monitoring glasses

  • Dimensions 65 x 110 mm (diameter x length)
  • Max. Pressure 300 bar
  • Connection Bottom 3/8″BSP male
  • Connection Top 1/4″NPT female
  • Material Glass silidur
  • Housing SS304

The Oil/Gas Separator Model 8335 is used in combination with an external gas pressure source and a gas pressure control unit. This gas pressure control unit is also available from Tradinco, as part of the Tradinco Separator Model 2255. Please refer to the Model 2255 for further information.