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From our extensive knowledge and expertise about measuring and calibration, we have developed the Traqc product line. Paramount in the development of all Traqc products are the ease of use, accuracy and the high quality. In 2008 we introduced our first product, the Traqc-7. We have now expanded the Traqc product line and we continue to evaluate and improve the products. We always look at the technical possibilities. The products of the Traqc line can be adapted to the specific wishes of the customer, regardless of batch sizes. Hereby our innovation department makes optimal use of the knowledge and expertise from the workshop.



All over the world our products are used by a large number of customers from different sectors. Our automatic pressure calibrators for test benches, the Traqc-20 C20 series, are widely used in laboratories, workshops and production industries. Another extensively used Traqc product is the Traqc-3 FM. This mobile and accurate temperature calibrator is easy to use in the field as well as on the job site. The Traqc products are easy to combine with our calibration software AutoCal+.

Do you want to know more about our Traqc product line? We are happy to discuss with you in more detail the different solutions and possibilities.

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