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As a true calibration specialist, Tradinco Instruments began developing Traqc products in 2008. That year our first product, the Traqc-7, was introduced and we have since expanded the Traqc line significantly. With our measurement and calibration knowledge and expertise, we continue to evaluate and improve our products. In doing so, we have an eye for the technical possibilities, but also for the specific needs of the customer. Our team of experts makes it possible to deliver customized solutions. The Traqc products combine well with our calibration software AutoCal+.


Tradinco Instruments' Tracq products are used by customers around the world and within different industries. For example, the automatic pressure calibrators, for use in test benches, from the Traqc-20 C20 series are widely used in laboratories, workshops and manufacturing plants. Other customers like to use the mobile temperature calibrator Traqc-3 FM. This mobile calibrator accurately measures temperature and is easy to use in the field and on construction sites. Many of the Traqc products combine well with our calibration software AutoCal+.

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Traqc-22 DWT

The Traqc-22 dead weight tester has a range up to 1400 bar

Traqc-5 P40/60

The Traqc-5 P40 or P60 has a range of -0.95 to 40 or 60 bar

Traqc-3 FM

The Traqc-3 FM is a rugged and accurate field calibrator

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