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Advanced sensor solutions

TE Connectivity is a global player in the field of sensors and electronics (connectors, antennas, relays, etc.). The mission of TE Connectivity is (freely translated) to contribute to a safer, sustainable, productive future where IoT is central. They do this by offering advanced sensor solutions.

In practice, by producing sensors on a large scale, TE Connectivity is capable of producing high-quality sensors with a good price-quality ratio. You will therefore find TE Connectivity sensors in many different environments.

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Value-added seller

Tradinco Instruments is a value-added reseller for TE Connectivity. In other words, we can add value. We do this not only by thinking along with you when selecting a product, but also with the logistics and planning. Tradinco Instruments has its own engineers and production capacity and therefore it is also possible to realize a customized solution based on a TE sensor.

All TE sensors are available through Tradinco Instruments. We are happy to advise you on which type of sensor or customized solution best fits your needs.

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