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Exclusive partner of Labom

Are you looking for a sensor to measure pressure or temperature? Tradinco Instruments has been the exclusive partner of Labom in the Netherlands since 2008. Labom is an expert in the field of industrial measurement technique, specialized in sensors for the measurement of temperature, pressure and level. Because of their specialized knowledge in the field of ultra-pure and hygienic systems, you can find Labom sensors mostly in food, pharma, bio- and
high-tech mechanical engineering.

High-quality products
Labom delivers high-quality products and offers diverse possibilities for customization, even when it concerns small numbers. Hereby you can think of customer specific separation membranes, thermal cutoffs or process connections with special alloys.

GV4610 Thermometer | Clamp On Technology | Tradinco Instruments


Labom has patent on clamp-on technology with which PT100 temperature sensors easily make measurements on the outside of a pipe. This is particularly interesting for applications whereby the number of couplings must remain limited or when working with pipes.

The products of Labom can be divided into four categories: pressure, temperature, level and accessories. Are you interested in the possibilities that we can offer you with Labom products? We will gladly advice you on the diverse options.

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Submersible pressure sensors

Hygienic process connections

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