Exclusive partner in the Netherlands

Tradinco Instruments has been Labom's exclusive partner in the Netherlands since 2008. Labom is an expert in the field of industrial measurement technology and specializes in sensors for measuring temperature, pressure and level. Because of their specialist knowledge in the field of ultra pure and hygienic systems, Labom's sensors can be found mainly in the food, pharma, bio- and high-tech mechanical engineering industries.

High-quality products
Labom supplies high-quality products and offers many possibilities for customized solutions, even when small quantities are involved. Think, for example, of customer-specific separation membranes, thermal decouplers or process connections with special alloys.

Clamp-on technology

Labom has patented clamp-on technology that allows simple measurements to be made on the outside of a pipe using PT100 temperature sensors. This is particularly interesting for applications where, for example, the number of couplings must be limited. Labom's products can be divided into three categories: pressure, temperature and level.

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Precision pressure gauges

The pressure gauges with a range between -1 . to max 600 bar


The PASCAL Ci4 has a range of 250 mbar to 400 bar


The PASCAL CV4 has a measuring range of 0.25 bar to 400 bar

Compact ECO Series

Labom's Compact ECOnomic series consists of the CA1100 and CA1110

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