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Druck has been developing high-quality pressure measuring instruments since 1972. They manufacture and supply an extensive range of pressure sensors and related calibration and testing instruments. These instruments can be used not only in the field, but also in a laboratory or workshop. For example, consider the widely used DPI 620 Genii. This electrical calibrator is a widely sold and used instrument in various companies. Tradinco Instruments is a channel partner and service provider of Druck. We not only sell the products but also calibrate, maintain and repair them.

Druck products

Calibration instruments

Druck offers a comprehensive range of calibration instruments, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements across various industries.
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Druck provides a diverse portfolio of sensors, catering to a wide range of industries and ensuring utmost accuracy in measurements.
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Calibration instrumentation and sensor solutions from Druck

Explore Druck's diverse calibration instrumentation and sensor offerings, encompassing multifunctional tools for calibration across pressure, temperature, and electrical parameters. Druck's commitment to precision and innovation ensures reliable performance in various industrial applications. From pressure calibrators to temperature sensors, Druck provides essential tools for accurate measurements, contributing to the integrity and efficiency of diverse systems. Explore now the extensive offering from Druck.

Druck calibration instruments

DPI 620 Genii

The DPI 620 Genii (IS) is Druck's multifunction calibrator


The PV624 combines manual pressure generation with fully automatic pressure generation and control

DPI 610E

The DPI 610E combines pressure measurement and generation, signal measurement and loop capability

PTC200 & PTC700

With a range of -22 to 200°C or room temp to 700°C

Druck sensors

UNIK 5600/5700

The UNIK5600/5700 with a range of 70 mbar to 700 bar

PTX 1800

PTX 1800 with a range of 0..0.75m H2O to 0..600m H2O


Druck's DPS5000 is a high-precision, digital pressure sensor for pressure measurements


The ADROIT6000 with a range of 200 mbar to 350 bar

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